Tuesday, February 9, 2010

414: happy birthday, jack!

I was sent this photo, among a handful of others, from our nephew Jack's first birthday.

This is the nephew with whom I spent two weeks this past June.

Our gift is coming along a little belatedly: two little board books and a stuffed bear, made completely from recycled bottles. Happy birthday, sweet Jack. Brace yourselves, Megan and Sean, for I hear Jack is already standing up to Jimmy's boisterousness. Two little Kiefer boys; I admire that sister-in-law of mine.

(On a side note: or related, in fact: I'm glad to have been able to witness Megan as a mama as I think she's got that composure and adoration, that patience and cheer she brings to her family. It's lovely to have a myriad of role models, particularly in developing a good family, so I'm lucky Ryan's sister is one of the many mamas to admire.)

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