| life list |

1.  go maple sugaring
2.  go snowshoeing
3.  ride a hot air balloon
4.  get a chapbook published (accepted 9/2010)
5.  get letterpress up and running
6.  visit the local pizza farm
7.  replace our fence with something dog-sturdier (5/2010)
8.  travel to Ireland
9.  camp in the boundary waters
10.  knit a hat.  or a sweater.
11.  replace withered strawberries and asparagus in garden
12.  confidently drive the stick through the city
13   make a loaf of challah or other braided bread (2/2010)
14.  go on a writing retreat with my girl friends (4/2010)
15.  complete my MFA
16.  "conquer" PCOS
17.  read Proust's In Search of Lost Time
18.  live in a house with slopey ceilings
19.  have a hobby farm
20.  travel to Africa
21.  learn how to can and preserve
22.  visit all the Minnesota state parks at least once (progress)
23.  become vegetarian again (1/2010)*
24.  write a novel
25.  write a memoir
26.  transform basement into livable space
27.  own a canoe (12/2010)
28.  attend a writing residency
29.  have a Jane Austen reading + viewing marathon
30.  complete close study on Emily Dickinson
31.  complete close study on Elizabeth Bishop
32.  become a mama (1/2011)
33.  show Ryan where I grew up (Chattanooga)
34.  clean up and organize attic space (6/2010)
35.  finish Yvonne's quilt & send to her daughters
36.  photograph lightning (6/2010)
37.  photograph the Northern Lights
38.  read the full Thousand Nights and One Night
39.  have a Zora Neale Hurston reading marathon
40.  complete close study on Walt Whitman
41.  complete close study on Pablo Neruda
42.  learn to weave on a loom
43.  take a pottery class
44.  become a Minnesota Master Naturalist

* I have opted to eat meat during my pregnancy.  It's not a decision I feel completely confident with, but I do plan to return to vegetarianism after baby.

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