Monday, February 8, 2010

413: welcome to the world, ali rebecca

Here's my friend Jen, who looks almost comical here, as if she were faking it. I mean, this girl is bitty. But there's little Alison in there, ready to come out; it isn't a pillow or a ridiculously oversized water balloon she's cradling.

(Photos from Jen's Facebook page)

Alison Rebecca Souvignier, born to Jen and Chris Souvignier on January 22, 2010, weighing nine pounds and measuring twenty-one inches.

Ali, you've got one crazy mama. Ask me later, and I'll tell you about swim team and sleepovers and snitty fights and growing old and staying friends. I'll tell you about what it was like to live two houses away and share a locker and cry at her wedding. For now, you just stay bright and beautiful.