Tuesday, June 16, 2009

290: the one with all the peeing

Things I have learned thus far:

- When a three-year-old's pants and underwear are pulled down, ready to "make pee-pee," you also need to check that the shirt is pulled up. Said three-year-old is perfectly willing to pee through the shirt, which generally will result in pee on your shirt too.
- And not to be shown up, Jack peed on me this afternoon while changing his diaper. That sucker has arc.
- While we're on the subject of pee, "I'm peeing!" does not literally translate. This is how the three-year-old announces that he must pee, so hie, hence to the bathroom, missy!
- No, his parents are not cruelly emo: Jack's hair is naturally like that.
- A household with two kids and a broken washing machine is a sad household indeed. Especially when "Aunt Molly" has been peed on. Twice. It's not doing that violent dance any more, so laundry is the music of New Jersey just now.
- I appreciate Jimmy's desire for "I'm helping!", but when Jack is wailing, it's easier for just me to feed him. Of course, I'm perfectly willing to be helping the helping, as you can see, as Jack probably doesn't want to swallow the entire bottle. Just the contents.
- Somehow, Jack loves his brother, and this can be used as a tactic to calm him down. Jimmy also enjoys to show you how fast he is, so running in circles is a favorite play-time activity (and a good one to run him down before nap-time). Jack just watches, fascinated, giggling; Megan thinks this is a defense mechanism. Awareness is key when your older brother believes he is a freight train.
- Having a good heart with high energy beats out a nasty streak with low energy any day (this, also, was how I approached teaching freshmen). Jimmy may drive me to afternoon napping, but he is a sweetheart, and of course Jack is too.
- Day two on my own: survived.
PS: In exactly one month, Ryan and I will have been together for ten years. A decade of luck and love. My heart feels so full.


chelsea said...

when changing a baby boy's diaper, have the fresh diaper out and ready to go first. open it and put it on top of the baby's belly, like a little blanket shield, before you even open the dirty diaper. since baby's pee arcs, as you now know, you can and should perform the whole removal and wiping under the fresh diaper. when you're ready, you just have to slide the rump of the diaper into place.

(i nannied for a friend for a while. she taught me this trick before leaving me alone with her son. i am forever grateful. it seems so obvious, but i would have never thought of it.)

KeLL said...

After being peed on several times by Christian, I took my daycare person's advice and put a wipe over his penis.
I can ask Christian to pee on you too. Then peeing on Aunt Molly will be complete!
Jimmy and Jack remind me a lot of Antonio and Jack. Antonio thinks he's a NasCar and frequently "crashes" into Jack and anything else in his path.

Molly said...

Trust me, I already knew about the wipe trick. That doesn't always prevent the pee from a-flyin'! Jack is, after all, the wiggliest baby I've ever encountered!