Tuesday, March 22, 2011

535: bay beach wildlife sanctuary

This weekend, we went to Wisconsin to visit our parents. There's been a lot of news from both sides of the family, which I'll share soon enough, some wonderful, some terrible, but everything, since the world changed, or really, okay, our world changed, family has become Family and it's all so warm and safe.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

534: art gallery'ing

As our two-month-old ages, we have begun to make more and more treks out. This was a lovely evening--dinner with our lovely friend Angie, a wander around a gallery, and my mother in town for the weekend.

I admit, sometimes I forget there is an other self, an Other That Isn't Mother. But I've returned to campus, I've had a few poetry get-togethers, and book club, and I realize I can meld these two facets, Life Before Maya and Life After.

Shawn, who did my poem tattoo and who is married to one of my dearest friends Meryl, and his friend Albie have formed a collaborative art project called Never Quiet Never Soft. That's Shawn below, holding Maya, and below that, Albie holding Sia (Shawn and Meryl's nephew, Casey and Ardeshir's son).

Maya, the little birdhouse visitor. I may have layers, and I may be remembering the wonder inside of me, but right now, what I love best, is finding the wonder in her. We're having a fantastic time, and I've been rubbing the edges of my thesis manuscript, finding ways for it to fit together properly, one eye on her slumbering or Ryan rocking her. I say it so many times, and I'll say it again: I love us as three.