Friday, June 4, 2010

472: the sweetness of a baby shower

In the heat of a May afternoon, one dear friend hosted a baby shower for her sister, who is another loved member of our book club. The sweetest, of course, were the handknit outfits made by Ardeshir's mother. I'm grateful to have family members who are willing to (anxious to!) make things by hand for our own coming baby. What a blessed gift to have that kind of art in your home.

And if I were Meryl, after observing Ardeshir's family for just two short hours, I would be thrilled to see my sister married into such a sweet and loving family. (Casey's family is out in Connecticut, so I can't enthuse at the same level, though I'm sure they have their own set of charms!) I can say from experience that having such open-hearted in-laws is a vast blessing; I love my husband so so much, and it only makes sense that he comes from a beautiful family too.

Happy baby-coming, Casey. You and Ardeshir are going to make such absolutely wonderful parents--that baby is one lucky little guy.


Meryl said...

Oh nice pictures! I didn't get any myself :(

Molly said...

I only really took these two--so now you have two yourself! :)