Sunday, June 6, 2010

473: rain camping

Day one: Settling into camp. Laughter, bonfire.

Day two: The rain started around noon and went until past dinnertime. When the sun arrived, for such a brief moment, the mood rose up.

Day three: Today was bright and sunny, though we didn't stick around for much longer after breakfast. It began raining again; as I write this, there is thunder and lightning.

Also see: a few thoughts on camping pregnant / camping with an infant on roots + wings, my "baby blog." (Or rather, my "parasite blog." Wah!)


michelle said...

ah yes. the "parasite" or as chris so fondly called it one day - the "giant pain the ass growing inside me" - gpa for short :)

flossy-p said...

Looks beautiful. I love that picture up the mossy tree trunk.

Something tells me you'll be camping till you're very very pregnant! ;)

Oakmoss said...

molly, i'm so so excited for you!!
you're a champ! camping while pregnant. and beautiful pics!