Thursday, June 3, 2010

471: a little hay creek before camping

On our way to the creek: wouldn't you want to come along too, if you saw that happy face looking back at you?

We've gotten some sad news in regard to Penelope. She has a partial tear in her crucet ligament, which explains her massive limp, her lifting both feet from the floor at times, raised up on her front, which is such a strange sight. She does fine in our small neighborhood walks, but after going leashless on the bluffs or at the creek, she has trouble getting around. The difficult part is that the tear will need surgery if it is to be repaired, and that surgery costs over three thousand dollars. Ouch. I'm a graduate student; I make less than the poverty level. Ryan's job allows us to keep the house, to pay the bills, to have a baby! But we're going to save and save and hope we can get there one day, before it becomes a complete tear. And in the meantime, we'll encourage her to keep it easy, but look at that face. Zephyr clearly needs the exercise; could you leave Penelope behind?

We're camping this weekend--it's an annual tradition, same weekend each year--with our dear friends the Urtels and Chad, friends that date back to Ryan's own graduate school days (well, and mine too, though that was the first go-round for me--Ryan knew when to quit). We're going into the wilds of Wisconsin, and we plan to fish (I hope to catch something! and clean it myself! and cook it! we'll see--), and I've, of course, given the added twist of first trimester-ness, so we shall see how the adventure goes. Last year, it was cold and rainy our entire Saturday, which was awfully miserable, especially since I came off the end of a flu-bout. Ah, the tricks of nature within nature. I'm just glad to get outside; I'm in need of a small change of scenery with good, good company.

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