Tuesday, June 1, 2010

470: some magical things

- Shari's photo of dandelion seeds falling.
- Flossy-p's video of a mural in the making.
- Maria's p2p Wee shop (how many onesies does Baby Kiefer need? Many, I believe!)
- This photograph Angie sent me reminds me of / makes me long for my childhood.
- The memorization of the epic poem "Paradise Lost" amazes me
- Ella (whose creativity astounds me) had her baby!

Though I missed camping this past weekend due to wonky-stomach, we have been able to go to Hay Creek, and I've found a comfortable log to watch the proceedings. We plan to camp next weekend with friends, though it's already been forewarned that I may bow out of any heavy hiking.

My second trimester starts in a few weeks, and I have high hopes that, as promised, the morning sickness will ebb and the little baby will protrude. I feel as if I've been in the first trimester of pregnancy all my life at this point, when it's only been a little over a month of awareness.

I've lugged the sewing machine down from the basement and plan to rely on YouTube videos for me to pull off the training wheels. My mother has suggested we make the baby diapers I had planned on buying, so I do need to flex a bit; it's been a long, long, long time since I've sewed anything, and I'll need a reminder how to get that bobbin thread and the top-thread to marry one another as opposed to tangling up in a giant mess as I usually tend to do.

It's raining here, which means it's the perfect day to dig into the new set of boxes Ryan brought down from the attic. This is my second collection, with many more to go, and though it's going slower than either of us would like, it's progressing towards clutter-free, and that, in itself, is pure magic.

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mjb said...

Thanks for linking to that diaper pattern! I've looked at verybaby.com a couple times but I lose interest halfway through the tutorials every time so I still have no idea what to order. I'm a little bit afraid, too, of getting a whole bunch of supplies and then never actually sewing the diapers up.