Sunday, February 7, 2010

412: bits of randomness

- Tuesday evening I met with my girl friend Emily for dinner. I was able to natter, she was able to natter; I miss her already.
- Friday evening we drove up to Coon Rapids so Ryan could help Mike with his computer. At dinner, Mike told us another friend of theirs from college had been on the radio for putting his NFL allegiance up on Ebay. A die-hard Vikings fan, ready to donate proceeds to the MS Society.
- Remember when I was observing No Impact Week? I've discovered a good alternative to cotton make up pads; I had thought about knitting little rounds, but that yarn seems to absorb too much of the cleanser. Instead, I think I'll order myself a set of these eco-friendly, washable cloth circles.
- Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms: I discovered this in a magazine. Travel and farm work; sounds wonderful.
- I decided to keep track of my 2010 books right here, as opposed to the Good Reads list I was keeping earlier. A little less messy.
- I love this photo set of the pizza farm. Looking forward to solid spring ground for my first trip.
- Also loving the free verse project. Poetry month is coming up, and I'm in charge of book club pick: any suggestions? We have some poets and non-poets in the group, so I'm hoping for a little something to appeal to all.
- Check out the Story Farm. Lots of magic there.
- Sweet thread on Yahoo: Is it OK to run an illegal library from my locker at school? Love that fight against censorship.
- A month or so old article on New York Times on etsy business: "That Hobby Looks Like a lot of Work" What a scarf!


Meryl said...

What is it you use the cotton makeup pads for deary? Casey was telling me the other day that she now applies her toner with a different section (each time) of a supersoft white washcloth (made for babies). It lasts her a week and then she washes it.

Molly said...

Why, all that heavy make-up I wear... No, also toner or whatever it's called. That would work for me too, I think--the washcloth. :)

Eireann said...

why not make the circles? you can buy cotton velour or flannel. seems like it would be cheaper in the long run, and would save on shipping, production, etc. also, if you buy the fabric somewhere locally owned, you're supporting community business. :)

poetry month: autobiography of red seems like a great way to branch out to non-poetry-lovers.