Thursday, December 24, 2009

385: beautiful year, may

We went to the Minnesota Zoo for the first time with our dear friend Mike. I fall in love with the Canada geese especially, the ones fiercely guarding the nest.

First Hay Creek trip of the season, and already the world has burst into green. I'm shocked and thrilled, trying to spot other instances of growth, of colors that aren't the same as dirty snow.

We go to Duluth for a wedding
, and the next day we appreciate the sun on the lake.

The semester ends, and I witness my first thesis defense. I realize I have a lot of reading to do. I survive another bout of the flu, a smaller one this time, and I'm sad to say good-bye to many of my classmates for the summer, though the relief at the end of this semester overrides much else.

I've finished my first year of an MFA.

Ryan and I travel to Missouri to visit our friends Dan and Tracy, where I feed carrots to elk, eat pulled pork barbeque, and continue my book-a-day of poetry in May, a project that I'm repeating this December.

I take my first letterpress class, fall in love with the Vandercook, settle for a Kelsey platen, and buy my first press. I love wood type the most, though I suspect lead will be my type of choice, sturdier and swifter and able to survive the broadsides I'd like to one day print.

When planting this season, we find lettuce from last year, wild patches of it, and have salad for dinner. We plant strawberries and peppers and squash and ease our worm bin outdoors after the last frost.

We begin Frontenac hikes, which are torturous, but gorgeous. On our May hike, we spot bald eagles, deer, bumble bees, and wild turkeys. Ferns are out now, a plant I love in its pattern and intricacy.

We go to farmer's market stands, bring home the first produce of the year, make plans for summer trips. I survive my month of poetry and turn to novels in June.

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