Friday, December 25, 2009

386: christmas glimpses

On sofa: Sue, Jimmy, Megan, Jack, Sean, Jim
On floor: Ryan with Zephyr, me with Sassy, Eric with Penelope. (Chance around the corner)

This holiday:

- I learned I need to figure out how to work the white balance on my camera. These yellow photos have to go, and I still hate using the flash.
- I have decided Jimmy and all his energy really ought to come home in my pocket. I adore that kid. And Jack too, but Jack's only just now emerging.
- Waking up to a three-year-old jumping on your bed, shouting, "It's Christmas, Aunt Molly!" is the best way to wake up with only four hours of sleep. (I'm quite serious, by the way, so Ryan should take note: next time you want me up before I want to get up, jump on the bed and shout something wonderfully exciting.)
- The oak leaf made from a beer bottle was even more beautiful in person than on the etsy page.
- Some of the sweet things I loved giving my nephews: these rainbow wood blocks, this construction plate and vroom-vroom utensils, this crash car, this crocodile clacker, and this sweet wooden truck.
- Spending Christmas with little kids is the best way to do it. That, or on a big trip, like Ireland or Hawaii or New Zealand.
- I need to stay away from the sugar cookies.


mlovich said...

careful telling Ryan to wake you up by jumping on the bed... HE WILL DO IT!!! Merry Christmas! Travel home safely!!!

Anonymous said...

Also, you can adjust the white balance and still not use the flash if you want. I just didn't know how to do it on your lovely camera. You can adjust the WB for all kinds of photography or let the camera do it for you. I'm always having to mess with it with the crazy lights at sporting events, fluorescent lights, etc. It's a useful tool if your colors are not what you'd like. Thanks for a lovely day with you and the rest of the Kiefers. Great Christmas! We're off to shop for a new car.

Angie said...

Those bottle based leaves have inspired me. I might have to try those out some day! Very cool.

Merry Christmas and be super careful coming home!