Thursday, May 7, 2009

266: Minnesota Zoo

Gibbons + otters + grizzly bears + warthogs + leopards + tigers + takin + buffalo + prairie dogs + gazelles + camels + ostriches + wolves + moose + caribou + canada geese + ducks. And others, unexplored. Also, a film at the Imax: Under the Sea in 3-D, on recommendation from the Urtels, and I must admit, I've never seen a film in 3-D, so I was a bit giddy, resisting the temptation to hold my palm out to catch little drifts of water-dust, little fish skittering across the screen, and bracing myself for when creatures such as the shark swam across my field of vision. I also will admit, I did feel miserable when viewing some animals kept in such close quarters: the leopards, warthogs, grizzly bears. And some may be satisfied with this role in life, but that leopard kept pacing in that way that is worrisome. But for the most part, I ran around like the little kids, gasping at the animals up close, the grizzly swimming against the glass, the moose snuffling in the water, giving myself an anklet of blisters that have kept me in clogs for the whole of this week.

Many more here.


Kyrie said...

Oh, these are awesome! We need to get up to our zoo soon.

oma said...

when i was younger, a trip to that zoo was the greatest thing ever. do they still have the touch and feel room?