Tuesday, September 15, 2009

330: weekend away (aka zephyr, a study in motion)

When one is bogged down in a multitude of ways, mainly emotionally, it is good to escape.

We spent the weekend in Green Bay, or just outside, actually, which is the home of my parents as well as Ryan's parents. The weekend consisted greatly of my hibernating indoors, venturing out to toss a tattered tennis ball for the four dogs and watch my husband do the same.

It was also the surprise birthday celebration of my dear friend Nikki, and she was truly surprised, which is always a lovely thing. She spent the evening wandering about her cousin's bar, full of an eclectic mix of friends and family with a bejeweled and sequined cup, lined with pink fur at the base.

Save the dark cloud, which I vehemently hope to--well, fix, though that doesn't quite match up with the metaphor, though disperse would be the opposite of what I hope for, in many senses, and I must also pause to point out my awful stupidity and curse myself for the cloud, as it is my fault--this weekend was a good one, tumbling into the first two days of my work week, which are in the dozen-hours-long range, full of good things, yes, but exhausting when coming to a close. Wednesday, I will allow myself to sleep in a wee bit, and then to commence the busy burden of catching up.

PS: The photos are all, save the top three, from my in-laws' home.

Soon to come: back-tracking in time to two weekends previous where Kelly and I went to the State Fair.


Anonymous said...


I followed a Google image search of Carolyn Forche to your blog here, originally to seek permission to use a 2007 photo you took of Carolyn and posted on Flickr for a Facebook event I am creating.

I'd still like to ask for that permission, but I also wanted to tell you that I enjoyed scrolling through your blog--the pictures of dogs and children (I have three young daughters) are especially beautiful. And, as an MFA grad myself, I want to wish you luck in your program.

If it's ok to use the photo, perhaps you could just reply to this post on your blog? I'll check back.


KeLL said...

The cloud was not your fault.

Molly said...

Martin: Thanks for asking! Yes, you are welcome to use one of those photos as long as you credit me (Molly Sutton Kiefer).

Kelly: You are sweet. As Ryan said, I started it. :) Now I'm trying to end it. Or rather, end it in a different way.

Anonymous said...


Thanks so much. I will certainly give you credit.


nikki said...

thank you again for coming to the party!! it meant a lot to me!