Friday, September 18, 2009

331: good things

Not long ago, I'd keep track of my week in an ongoing edited post, sharing with the blogosphere at the close of that week some of the good things that happened that day. Perhaps I'm raising the tradition again; it's good to preserve the memories of good things, and I find myself loving to speak of them in the present tense.

Saturday: Last night was dinner with both sets of parents, and tonight, we head to De Pere for a surprise birthday party of my friend Nikki. I also get to see Kim and Mandy, two other old friends from high school, which is getting more difficult as families are growing, and for this time, I am grateful. We have a good conversation, and I look forward to the possibility of their visiting for my own thirtieth birthday on the horizon. Because I cannot drink (medicine), Kim gets me a shot glass of water to have with their tequila; this gesture really touches me.

Sunday: Last morning in Wisconsin, the dogs flailing about the yard, fall colors whipping by. An evening at the Commodore, a neighborhood rich with Fitzgerald history, and the MFA launch party, which brings excellent company indeed.

Monday: An afternoon at my internship is leaving me feeling as if I'm actually learning and being trusted; in the evening, memoir class with Trish Hampl. Have I mentioned how much I adore this professor?

Tuesday: I'm feeling good about teaching writing studies. I'm loving spending time with my girl friends in book club. Today is long, but I feel good at the end: it's full in a way that makes me feel sated, content.

Wednesday: Relief, a day off, which was spent reading, catching up, slowing the spin of the last two packed days, and at night, Ryan and I take the dogs to Colville, where I began to walk-run again. His goals are a bit more lofty than mine are; I wouldn't mind making it once around the one mile park path without slowing to walk. He'd prefer three loops. We'll see.

Thursday: In-laws arrive, which means long walks with better behaved dogs and a bonfire at evening. Ryan gets to stay up with his brother, drinking beer, tending the flames, and I fall asleep reading a book that takes me to the coast of Maine.

Friday: While Ryan and his brother hiked Frontenac, I spent the day reading and reading and reading. Re-reading Michael Ondaatje's Running in the Family, remembering why I loved it so the first time around. While I'm reading, Ryan already in bed, I sneeze, and my phone buzzes: message received. Ryan has cheekily texted, "Bless u."

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margosita said...

What a great week! I love that in this post you find a little bit of joy everyday, and find it without trying too hard. Neat skill :)