Monday, June 1, 2009

283: kelly + christian come to visit

What was especially good about this Sunday, aside from spending time with my best friend and her disarming son (one year old in just a few weeks--amazing!) was observing our dogs with said eleven month old. Penelope was as the books say her breed ought to behave--the sweet golden retriever who tolerates a wooden spoon flung above, a teasing game of "For Christian? For Penny?", and a little boy who climbs on top of her while she's napping. Zephyr did as well as any dog with his quirks might do--he refrained from overt displays of dominance, managed to not quite leap about like a mountain goat when the thing began crawling across the floor (doesn't that indicate playtime?), and he even tolerated some wooden spoon games as well.

It's amazing how quickly he grows. I've grown used to saying "Kelly's baby," but the idea that he is a son is a vague one to me. But soon he'll be a toddler. Already he's standing on two fat wobbly legs, and he's able to move about easily with the plethora of baby height bookshelves. Soon he's going to be her "little boy," and that transition from "baby" to "boy" is striking.


KeLL said...

He's still a baby! He's never going to be a little boy! Always my baby! I don't want him to grow up!!

carrster said...

Hello! I wish I would've gotten a chance to meet you at Michelle's wedding. Just saying hello and I love reading your words & seeing your photos. Very inspiring. I visited your Etsy shop - where do you get your postcards printed? Or do you print them yourself...? They are very cool. I too send LOADS of postcards.