Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I'm sick again. I hadn't realized a person could get flu-ish more than once every few years; I thought there was some logbook somewhere that prevented that. Instead, it's twice in as many months, and I wish I could say May was flu-free, but Sunday night was when the fever announced itself and I went to bed shivering, despite the piles of down comforter nesting me in.

What has been particularly frustrating me is the way in which I can feel simultaneously ravenously hungry and fully repulsed by food. My stomach has been making symphonies all day, the churn of foam and rush.

I have so many little things I want to blog about, but my energy level is that of the cats in a rough slump--I will return to my patch of sofa cushions with my book (currently: Dog Years by Mark Doty, which is beautifully written) and wait patiently, as this too, will pass.


Meryl said...

Oh no Molly! Feel better very very soon!!!

Angie said...

Flu shot next year?

Angie said...

Hope you get to be feeling better for camping! Being sick is no time to be away from home.