Wednesday, May 27, 2009

279: making

Making: clearing out the refuse of autumn in the landscaped areas of the yard. Finding more tent caterpillars, finding out husband burned the last branch, thinking it was only eggs, glad the caterpillars had slipped out. This time, I take the branch the dozen blocks to the cemetery, thinking of how it's all dead there anyway, but how lush the trees are, a few snacks for these unburnt creatures.

Making: lettuce from last year, returning. Bitter to the taste. Asparagus sadly did not make it this year, harvest year. We will try again.

Making: black under my fingernails. This weekend, it was from the lead blocks, and on Monday, it was from the garden.

Making: I love the process of callouses. The one most reliable is that on my ring finger of my right hand and my thumb, from holding a pen. This callous developed when I was about seven or eight (I kept a diary, I wrote letters, I wrote stories) and hasn't diminished since. Hard bumps. I'm returning to the one on the forefinger of my left hand, from pushing the bamboo knitting needle through.

Making: hands covered in sticky bread dough, waiting to rise, the crunch of knife through crust. Jam, hoping to learn jam-making, summer.

Making: that swift turn of wrist that comes from knowing something, from repetition and the pleasure of regularity. The way making becomes an art, becomes a process, a series of movements that bring comfort.


Chris said...

Butterfly? And tent caterpillars. Nice. I now envy your time. Jam! YES me me me! Berry picking + time = lots of jam!e

Molly said...

It's the same pattern I used to make the washcloth for you! Only this one is for Kim... whose birthday was just a few weeks after yours. Can you believe how belated this is? Bad me... I just started a Superman one for Mandy, whose birthday is in a few weeks. :) I love these little washcloths. You can knit one up in a few hours (if only I could have just stayed focused... since I started the one for Kim before her birthday and then didn't want to knit for months!)... I need to learn how to make something not square or rectangular though! Maybe I'll try a baby sweater again... or mittens again... or a round coaster... or...

Nicole said...

The 2009 One Local Summer challenge begins on June 1. I hope you can join us again this year!