Sunday, May 24, 2009

278: letter:press

This weekend was an intense workshop at the Minnesota Center for the Book Arts with an incredible instructor: Letterpress I compacted into a weekend. It was mostly work time: blackening our hands with lead type, learning the jargon of the letterpress, carving into linoleum blocks, paging through haiku books, setting my own brief poem, learning about mixing paint, thinking about folios. Our instructor encouraged us also to continue on, and when we did, to also thinking about press names. Ryan suggested Paper Tattoo as we were driving home; there was a beat, then we both said, "You/I kinda like it" simultaneously. It might stick.


shawn hebrank said...

those photos are making me jealous,
letterpress is something i want to be working on these days.
any finished pieces to show off?

shari said...

great photos. i would love to try it.

oma said...

i'm envious, too! i'd love to see what you ended up with. what an amazing way to print your poetry.

Chrissy said...

love these photos and love letterpress! i got to play around with it one day in a book binding class i took. i wish i'd taken a letterpress class instead!

paper tattoo is quite catchy!

flossy-p said...

BEAUTIFUL! That must have been FUN!