Friday, May 22, 2009

277: spring is pretty

Visit the original photos here (these are all from my flickr favorites):
1. peonies, in white, 2. Untitled, 3. inspiring me,
4. in the bath, 5. If there's a heaven,., 6. Untitled,
7. IMG_4334.JPG, 8. sweetest sleep, 9. :: ranunculus frenzy ::

Things I'm loving about spring: dirt under my fingernails and strawberries in the ground, the breezes that push curtains open, dog snot streaks along the windows (people are outside to watch!), letterpressed invitations for wine tasting, summer book plans, peonies budding along our fence, eating dinner outside, the way white feels clean again (no more snowy sludge), lilacs in the air, farmer's markets and anticipation of corn on the cob and fresh fruit, honey from the fields, drinks on the porch, the sound of ice cubes in a glass, reading in the grass, long walks with the dogs to the Mississippi, Hay Creek and drenchings from the pups in the backseat, blisters from hoeing from walking from writing, dinner with friends, sleeping beneath a single sheet, curling up against my husband, listening to the hum of the window fan.

1 comment:

flossy-p said...

oh, that curtain blowing in the window photo gave me a physical reaction. How fresh and reviving!

Love the kitty pics too :)

I envy you being on the brink of Summer, we are starting to get rather cool in these parts.