Monday, November 24, 2008

147: Just in case I don't say it enough:

My mother rocks.

Today I tried to find a free range turkey in town, and they had a handful at the bottom of the freezer at our tiny organic market, but they were all reserved. With no spares lying about.

My mother spent her afternoon fulfilling my request: calling around, running about (her) town on a wild goose chase, so to speak, several grocery stores, and fifty seven dollars poorer, she found a better treated turkey for a dinner she won't even be able to attend. (Our parents' dog, Madison, is extremely sick, and when Ryan and I stop in town to pick up my father on the way to my grandmother's house, this might be our last time seeing the twelve year old collie/lab/golden/husky mix. Kenneling her for the weekend just isn't an option any more.)

Maybe next year I'll convince Ryan we should raise our own turkey. After all, I somehow got worms in the house.

Thanks, Mom.


Angie said...

Girl, what are you doing waiting until the Monday before Thanksgiving trying to find a bird? And an 'good' bird, no less?

Yes, your mother rocks.

chelsea said...

i meant to tell you that some of my friends in New York started doing the worm things when I was still living there. it's very popular for city living, when trash is difficult to deal with. I had forgotten until you started posting about it.