Sunday, June 22, 2008

21: Good things

At the CSA: pink peonies, onions, radishes, chamomile, thyme, lemon and lime basil, mint, arugula, and many other greens.

At the farmer's market: strawberries so small and so sweet, it is worth sucking them down to the stem. I am thinking about making strawberry leather, though it almost seems a waste to not eat them one by one, popping each into my mouth, arm slung under head, looking up at cloud patterns.

We went for a walk last night--took the dogs down to the Mississippi. I kept taking photographs of the neighborhood in bloom; I couldn't seem to stop. Everything has come alive and we've even passed phases, with some peonies wilting, the petals of the poppies fading. And the light in those hours just before the sun sets.

Not long after, Ryan realized he needed distilled water for his home brew, so we went out to eat. Italian outdoors. It was peaceful, the mosquitoes stopping for an occasional visit, but mostly just us and the night. I told Ryan how beautiful and clear it was, how we'd be able to see the moon, and not fifteen minutes later, thunderclouds rolled in and though we resisted, we had to scamper in when the skies opened up. I love that metallic smell of fresh, much needed rain.

And at the grocery store, Ryan insisted on buying this, his own impulse, though I have to admit I didn't pull him back. Now I'm afraid it won't make it, as if we should start letting the dishes set again so we have fruit flies in the kitchen. It's the strangest thing we've brought home from the market, thus far.

It is that full, shuddering, grateful happiness. This summer is good.

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