Sunday, June 22, 2008

22: Iago, Iago, He's Coming!

I fell asleep last night, restless. I thought to myself: You know, you're not ready. You haven't packed a bag for the hospital or your things for staying overnight. She's going to go soon. And I thought to myself: Please, please just give me tomorrow to get ready.

I don't get today to get ready. She's been having contractions for the past three hours and they are six minutes apart. She won't go to the hospital for a few hours, so I have time to shower, but it looks like I won't be staying with her for days before he arrives. She predicted early, and it's true. Kelly's having her baby.

OK, I'm off! Shower, pack, driving north. I'm going to meet my nephew!


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michelle said...

Ah! I am SO excited!!!