Tuesday, April 6, 2010

447: weekend, part v (the last, the marathon)

Day 1: stopping in Winona for a picnic, onigiri and edamame and fruit for lunch, watching lightning streak across the bluffs, creeping over the train tracks and walking along the Mississippi, discovering rail ties and picked-clean bones, flattening pennies on the tracks. Writing together in slender notebooks.

Day 2: National Wildlife Refuge, where we saw spotted buffleheads, deer, a turtle, swallows, river rats, and on. Trempealeau Hotel, where we ate walnut concoctions and listened to live music. At night, we played Scategories and now will giggle at the phrase "mocha puffs."

Day 3: The girls went on a hike at Parrot State Park, my stomach blurred and I remained behind, napping and reading a bad novel. However, this video makes me feel as if I were just there, with them.

The weekend itself was brilliant,


Anonymous said...

GREAT photos, Molly!

shari said...

love these photos.

Meryl said...

lovely lovely lovely

Chris said...

Nice photos. :)
What is that triangle thing that looks as if you've taken a bite out of it? In the mix of things it seems like it should be something rotting...but it looks like seaweed paper and rice.

Also, I think you were holding either a wingless adult female or a larval lightning bug (Family:Lampyridae) in one of your photos. (see:http://www.kendall-bioresearch.co.uk/lamp.htm)

Was the underside of the tip of its abdomen clear? Either way, it is rare and a nice find.

Molly said...

Oh, I took that photo for you!

along with the one of it on the tree:

and this:

I'm in love love love with lightning bugs. Brings me right back to childhood in Tennessee.

We were eating onigiri, which is seaweed and rice with pickled plum, I believe. Meryl made them.