Sunday, December 5, 2010

523: molly mayhem

Last night, the Urtels took us on a little journey to the roller derby, and after watching Whip It a few weeks ago, I was enamored. I'm really hoping Angie decides to join up; I'm ready to be a serious fan. It was fun to watch last night's bout, but without any connection to any of the four teams, I simply watched curiously, trying to understand the art of scoring and how a foul occurred. I enjoyed watching the skids, the quick moves of the jammers through the clasp of skaters, the accessories of flashy tights and elaborate tattoos.


Angie said...

Not this session. Registration for the spring go-round of the Debu-Taunts was yesterday.

Maybe I'll have to start a weekly roller skating outing to the Roller Garden.

flossy-p said...

Urgh, don't mention roller derby to me. It's been my dream for ages, and finally a league starts up in our town... and I'm pregnant!

Mind you, I'm a bit small and would probably be killed. ;)

Hope you have a super Merry Christmas!! .xx.