Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Keeping quiet and balanced these days. The focus has truly been on the stuttering growth of my stomach, whose fundus has begun to outpace the weeks-along. I've found myself fighting to balance morning sickness with school responsibilities, leaving social pleasures by the wayside. Some days, I feel as if all I can do is keep my jaw jutting above the waterline, and days like these, while still burdened by the scholastic countdown, I feel a bit more at peace. I cannot explain why one wins out over the other, how I let the simple breath crash against the shore.

Here is an updated photograph, taken this afternoon, of my baby-belly. You can see I still have that waffle-iron burn mark--faded, but very present. It is not my most recent klutz-adventure, but a little reminder of Ryan's declaration--to make it through these last five weeks of pregnancy, he's suggested a pill-a-day organizer, bubble wrap, and a helmet. Sometimes, I think I might just hide under the bed and wait and see. Maybe the semester can end gracefully without me.

Small, lately comforts: the word daughter, organic milk, poem treasures, afternoon naps, tracks in the snow, handwritten letters, wool and wooden needles, butternut squash soup.


Denise | Chez Danisse said...

I'm happy to know that you know how to comfort yourself. Excellent choices. Take care.

Eireann said...

seems like you are having such a rough time! don't feel like you have to sugarcoat it...i guess it is ok for it to suck and to acknowledge that. it will get better! take care of yourself and don't let the 'i should' get to you. can't wait to see your baby. :)

KeLL said...

Add pajamas pants 24/7 to Ryan's survival kit.