Monday, July 5, 2010

484: welcome to the world, Kayhan Siamak DePasquale

(Photos snatched from the new aunt and new papa's Facebook pages.)

Isn't he handsome? Casey, who is sister of my dear poetry-sidekick Meryl and member of our book club, was due five days from now, but instead, in the wee hours of July five, Kayhan came into this world, now sharing a birthday with another of my favorite people. My grandmother, owner of great chunks of my heart, turned eighty-nine today and of the new one, she has given blessings.

I know that Casey and Ardeshir will be the best sorts of parents, great models of patience and humor and clever experiences. I will happily amused to listen to the stories, the follies, and the love that bursts from their loft in the big city of Minneapolis. The first of a string of much anticipated births over the next several months--hers also the first of three pregnancies in our book club, which will certainly shift the dynamic.

Oh, I can hardly stand to hold this little one! I wonder if they can hear my sounds of squee all the way across Lake Michigan, across the state of Wisconsin, across the Mississippi River...

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