Monday, April 12, 2010

448: my new anthem

Apologies to my companions in the car last night: we drove home from Denver, and at some point, in the wee hours, both my husband and my dear friend were snoozing away, and, lonely in the middle of Iowa, I repeated this one, boogeying in my seat, keeping myself awake as we rolled into Minnesota at 2:22 and got to our home by five in the morning.

I will share thoughts and notes from AWP soon. For now, I turn to student essays, errands for cat litter, and a visit to the kennel in the country where our pups have been residing.

Tomorrow night: I read my poem "In Geography" at the Weisman Art Museum; it took third place in the ArtWords contest.


amanda said...

i'm glad you had a song to replace us!

Molly said...

aw, would much rather have had you two, though i'm glad you got some sleep!! xxoo