Sunday, March 7, 2010

430: a good afternoon

We took the dogs up Memorial Bluff this weekend.

Zephyr, in true bowling ball fashion, slammed into me as I was taking photographs of him and Penelope running with a stick. Somehow I didn't fall; I think it was the yak tracks. When I recovered, I looked at him, and he was happily panting away, the biggest dumb grin on his face. Silly boy and his gracelessness. He gets that from me, you know.


margosita said...

Every time I read a post about the dogs I feel jealous. I want a dog! Imagine me saying that in a little girl voice, stomping my foot at the injustice of it.

Great photos, as usual!

Molly said...

Oh, the pups are fun, but whew, they sure can take it out of you. :) You're welcome to borrow ours at any time!

Aimee Jo said...

I've been enjoying your blog, and just had to comment on these precious pooches! :) The black dog looks so much like my dog, Sally Rose. Absolutely adorable, and what awesome photography. My canine picture taking attempts tend to end up blurry, what with the constant movement and all (and low level photography skills), but these are stunning. Thanks for sharing!