Sunday, February 28, 2010


Tonight: pasta for dinner, two separate sauces. His: marinara with meat; hers: four cheese alfredo with mushrooms. We let the pups have a strand or two from each of our bowls, and I pointed out how they'd be the only ones to taste both dishes, that we refused to eat what the other was having. Ryan grinned and said, "I'm morelly opposed to mushrooms." Wah-wah.

Tonight: watching Clash of the Dinosaurs on Discovery. One of my when-I-grow-up professions was a paleontologist.

We've begun discussing taking a cooking class together.

Three nights this week: knitting group, book club, poetry group. How full my heart, so much good company, (so much good food!).


EWH said...

How do you possibly have morels for your pasta in March??? I [heart] morels!

shari said...

your week sounds so nice. wish i could tag along with you to your different outings. enjoy.

Molly said...

Emily: Aw, no, they were regular supermarket mushrooms. Ryan was just being punny.