Thursday, February 25, 2010

424: knit, knit, knit

Last night, I *finally* made it to Wednesday night knitting club, where I got to see Julia for the second time (our first was nearly a year ago, making cheese with the homesteading girls), and I got to officially meet Martha (whose work I've looooong admired, especially those fantastic gauze scarves!), and Sarah and Anna and Jess... These ladies are incredibly talented, which is good, because it will nudge me out of my comfort zone and into some wonderful projects I've been ogling for much too long.

For now, my first attempt at something new:

I made my first baby booties, though this moniker is a bit deceptive. Instead, I wound up with something more like toddler slippers, which is what I've rechristened these quick garter stitch slip-ons I mailed to my godson Christian. Together, the slippers took less than two hours to make.

Yarn: off-white kitchen cotton
Needles: size 8, bamboo
Pattern: Glamour-Baby's First Booties (free, Lion Brand website)

Of course, I have been informed, that Cookie Monster had to first wear the booties before Christian could and five minutes after donning the slippers, he slid on his little tuckus on the slick kitchen linoleum. Whoops.

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gracia said...

Toddler slippers or baby booties, either way they look good to me.

In knitted awe,