Sunday, February 14, 2010


We spent our romantical holiday in the car, Ryan and I. We made our way across snow-crossed highways of Wisconsin to return home for the weekend, and he was kind enough to take the worst of the stretch, while I watched the snow sparkle in the headlights. We held sweaty hands across the console and listened as MPR played the greatest love songs of all time.

We had hoarfrost on the way in and glittering, drifting snow on the way back.

It was a good visit: Sue had an early birthday, we all went to dinner together last night (despite the hour and a half wait next door), I kept sleeping for twelve hours at a stretch, the dogs had a fair amount of exercise, I finished a project and made good progress on another.

My most favoritest Valentine's project is this mailbox, but here are a few others that also struck me as ones I could take on:
- bean bag game
- knit (and felted) hearts
- three heart dishcloths: lace and heart shape and my favorite, the embossed hearts
- heart garland

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molly said...

you've made my own snowy surroundings seem fresh and beautiful, all over again. thank you for that.