Saturday, February 13, 2010


We drove here early in the morning, fog settled in, a hoarfrost glittering in the trees. Twenty-four hours, and I've finished a little pair of knitted somethings I will show in a few days, have plugged away at a larger project I will show in a few weeks, and picked up supplies to make sweet stuffed creatures.

I've considered grading, changed my mind, considered again.

I've gone to bed before ten o'clock, read to escape, found myself in possession of two new books (The Vegetable Gardener's Bible and Sew Liberated), and I'm finding myself well-paced, quiet, slit-eyed with sleepiness, breathing, breathing. Trying not to upset the precarious balance.


natalie said...

thank you so much for your purchase :) i'll mail it out tomorrow! the felted beads are my absolute favorite. i hope you like them :)

KeLL said...

I really like the picture of Ryan and the dogs!

Molly said...

My mom did too. :)

I like the hoarfrost. I also like saying hoarfrost. And spelling it fonky.