Tuesday, December 29, 2009

390: beautiful year, september

To celebrate the end of summer, we invite our nearby friends to our home for our annual wine tasting party. Because of some partner's working shifts, we end up with two parties--one with a Spanish theme, and the other second group of MFA friends and partners with a local theme.

More Hay Creek, more chasing balls, more summer. I forget, sometimes, just how summer can be, how it lingers and teases.

I get an internship with the creative writing department, I get trained in teaching freshmen composition, I start the second year of my MFA.

When I get to the State Fair, I think: This is my last year, but then the animals charm me. This year, I go with Kelly, the only person I've ever gone with steadily, and we bring along our husbands and I bring my former student too. We pet pigs, eat honey ice cream,

I get a tattoo. A really big one.

And I meet Maxine Hong Kingston. I also drive Jim Shepard around, part of my internship, to MPR and lunches. I'm schmoozing with authors. I'm writing more. I'm feeling a bit more comfortable here in the program.

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