Saturday, December 19, 2009

379: beautiful year, january

I would ask if anything has been this cold before, except I know: it's that way again now. January was the month our bathroom chugged away with a space heater, keeping the pipes from freezing again. I kept my hands warm by knitting, reading poems with my book club, and making asparagus soup.

January is the month I also left footprints of another sort: these at Palm Beach during the annual poetry festival, where I studied with Kimiko Hahn and was pushed and prodded in new poetic ways. I watched seagulls hover, collected shell slivers, brought the ocean back in my suitcase wrapped in a juice bottle.

President Obama was inaugurated; I watched that, warm from the Florida sun, while eating brie and croissants.

PS: This beautiful year reflection is inspired by Eireann. Just so you know.

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