Friday, December 4, 2009

374: back to bodies

Photo: Life; Unknown Source
(photos aren't permitted in the exhibit--hence, my not using any of my own, which drove me a bit nutty)

Another field trip up to the Twin Cities for a tour of Bodies: The Exhibition, this time with company who would allow me* to really take the time I needed to write and process so much material--someone who spent some time writing and processing herself. Thank you, Meryl, for your forever-good company (and thank you for talking me down from my poetic ledge this past week!). I wrote a great deal; it was a successful day, which makes me awfully happy.

We spoke to the woman at the end of the exhibit, who didn't mind us haranguing her, who asked us if we were medical students, and told us that all the bodies died of natural causes, were from China because China is the only country that allows full-body preservation, and there are three of these competing exhibits touring the world--this being the one focusing mostly on education, and the others a more artistic endeavor, which makes sense, touring the photos on the web, discovering the shock of some images.

In searching Google images: This image is interesting by this artist.

Also: I love this image from a Valparaiso exhibition.

After peering into the caverns of bodies and jotting notes from placards, we went to Ecopolitan, a raw foods restaurant new to me, with a completely vegan menu. I had the "Rawvioli," which had this walnut wonderful on it, and we shared a Orange Julia, and, of course, very good conversation. Feel free to check out a new project we've started, welcoming Colleen C (and others who wish to join us, just let us know)--strange, yes: I love dead bird poems, already featuring Elizabeth Bishop and Adam Zagajewski.

* to be fair, Ryan and Mike would have tolerated my slow locomotion, though it's not entirely fair to them!--kind of like taking me hiking or camping with my camera--

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