Saturday, November 14, 2009


(Image: Bodies: The Exhibit website)

Tonight Ryan and I met our friend Mike at the Mall of America {shudder} for the Bodies Exhibit, which was incredible. One wanders through the galleries, men built back up after death, skeletons and peeled back muscles, organs exposed, the nervous system carefully laid out on the table, veins filled bright red hovering in display cases and amazingly intricate, and all along, I'm hopping about, wondering where the women are, wanting to peer into the cavity of a woman, see how all the bits line up, those places the doctors poke and prod and declare wonky. It was amazing to peer in and beyond, to learn little facts on the wall, and after, we browsed the bookstore while waiting for a table at a restaurant, and I picked up a few books for the holidays as well as a few for myself: Itty Bitty Toys (look at that giraffe!) and Vintage Knits for Modern Babies because it's time for me to keep moving beyond the square and from the clearance section, Accidental Vegetarian, which may have recipes even Ryan will try. And dinner, always, of course, dinner together in good company.

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michelle said...

i love that exhibit!

well...i haven't seen that one in particular but saw the body worlds one at the science museum three times! chris and i went there on our first date :)