Monday, November 2, 2009

352: BJ + Lynn got married

Rehearsal dinner at Water Street Brewery.

I had to keep my hands busy. As a person who no longer drinks alcohol or smokes or any of those other deliciously naughty things, I had to keep my hands busy somehow, and there's only so much water one can drink before bursting like a balloon. Plus, I wanted to show off my beautiful Uniform Studio scarf!

There were two cakes: banana with chocolate and mine, which I loved, marble with raspberry filling. Yum.

The couple before what Wisconsinites call "The Grand March," which comes just after dinner and leads the wedding party to the dance floor. We did a grand entrance at our wedding, which led us to our dinner table, which our non-dancing friends were probably a bit glad for. Why are their mouths like that? Because they have plastic fangs in there. :)

This is the Luxemburg-Casco crew (see the L-C they are supposedly making with their hands)--all friends from high school. There's something about friends who date back to those years, the ways in which you can change and grow (and regress, in some cases) and still adore one another because you have those layers of memory to support it all. It's nice to know you have someone on your side no matter what. This, by the way, is Ryan's high school crew. In a strange twist of serendipity, one of my high school crew also happens to be friends with the couple (her husband was room mates with BJ), so I had a little of that high school nostalgia too.

There was a dance-off to see who would win funniest contest. After Jeff did some break-dancing, he won.

We had the cake top as part of brunch; the bakery is making the couple a new cake for their one year anniversary.

And those are just a few glimpses at the Halloween wedding we attended near Milwaukee this past weekend. I can say that Ryan and I seem to be getting pathetically old--we were some of the first to leave of our friends, and we fell asleep watching a haunted gingerbread house competition on the food network.

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