Thursday, October 29, 2009


I've had a small run of small things that, in a small way, aren't so pleasant--forgetting important things in the car or at home and realizing it only when I've reached the classroom, becoming extra-sick on the medication, and on my recent walk with the dogs, spraining my ankle.

Those brownies above? I'm going to remember them today. Ryan made them, and I promised to bring some in to the students who could put together a bibliography the fastest (and most correct), but then I left them in my car. The same day, I forgot my attendance list in my office (the same floor of the same building, thank goodness) and the printer ran out of ink, so I had no handouts.

It's just comically ridiculous, I suppose--these little things that add up to some serious adaptation. Fortunately, I am not the sort of instructor who puts out a stuffy demeanor to my students, so I can roll with these twists (oh, pained ankle!) with some humor and grace.

Today, outside, it is cold and rainy, and I won't go on my daily walk, not because I am discouraged by bad weather, but because my ankle is tender, only a little swollen, not so bad that I cannot get around easily but enough that I'd prefer not to let this klutz go out and make things worse, which is what I'd probably do--retwist to a greater degree. Don't doubt the power of the girl who walks into walls.


Angie said...

You seem to have issues with your ankles. Maybe you need to invest in some hiking books that would have a bit more support.

Molly said...

It's the same ankle I twisted when we moved in... it's a weaker ankle, and I do have really fancy hiking boots, but I don't usually use them just to walk around the neighborhood. :)

I also broke my elbow when running with the dogs that summer before I got married. I think I'm just a klutz!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, you get that klutziness from me, I'm afraid. And I'm so sorry, too.

KeLL said...

It's that kind of day. I've been up since 3:30 am thanks to the pets. I hit my head on my work locker lock (bled, bruised, and swollen). Richard's car breaks down on the way home from work. Christian and I drive to Maple Grove to pick him up.
Just that kind of day.