Sunday, October 25, 2009

348: up memorial bluff

Field notes in this post on my walking blog.

I am sore from the past two days, my legs straining when I stand, my body laughing at what happens when a still person attempts constant motion for two days, the balls of my feet achy, my eyes stinging with want of sleep.

These past few days, instead of being responsible and plowing through assignments and my to-do list, I gave myself a break--spent time with good girl friends, enjoyed fresh air. Even though tonight will be a rough go, reading a stack of books, attempting to smooth out some work, I definitely needed to close my eyes to that pressing need of all else. Sometimes, we know, we will crack, if we don't take the time to find calm.


Rachel said...

Some amazing pictures on this post and last. I really enjoy seeing your walks through your photographic eye...and love that you are doing something more formally with it for a 365 project. Good luck with that!

So glad you took a few days to do something enjoyable...hanging out with the girlfriends is such a stress reliever!

KeLL said...

Beautiful pictures! And Penny and Zephyr are so cute!!

amanda said...

so that's where all the fungi was i wanted to see!

amanda said...

lovely nature shots.
your dogs are gorgeous!