Friday, October 23, 2009

345: never forget, girlfriends matter the most

The past few--days? weeks?--have been particularly tough for me. My heart has been aching for a particular girlfriend who hasn't spoken to me in nearly two months, my husband and I even had a fight recently and I mean it when I say we rarely fight, and my schedule has been such that I barely have room to breathe, making me learn how to say no in a bit of a traumatic crash-course. Emphatic, I am not. Instead, it's guilty that sits like a rock in my stomach.

This is why, when things are particularly gloomy, spending time with a pair of your favorite girls can be oh so very good. Last night was book club at Emily's house, where she fed us this delicious hybrid of pizza and vegetable pie--spinach and zucchini and onions and peppers. And bread she was kneading for the dough when I arrived. Truly homemade, and much of the vegetables came from the farmer's market, those last few fruits of the earth.

More good things: my teaching feels good this semester--I really adore my students and I really like teaching writing studies; I've gotten to meet so many fabulous writers through my internship and I can't say enough good things about having a good "boss"; I've decided to celebrate the everyday in resurrecting my former 365 habit, but doing so with a twist; it's snowing outside right now, and it's beautiful and I'm taking the dogs to the park shortly; the film New World is beautiful and I want to live where ever that was filmed; I'm loving my intense study of Emily Dickinson; I'm apparently turning thirty in two weeks, and I'm looking forward to it--I think that number is going to be a relief with the expectations of being twenty-something over--and a new chapter in my life to come.

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amanda said...

Malick's The New World? It means a lot to me. Still have to watch the extended cut.

& ♡ for everything else.