Thursday, October 22, 2009

344: this weekend's company

I don't know how time does what it does--that quick zip by. It feels as if I were in New Jersey last month, Bread Loaf too, and the semester only just began a week or two ago. Instead, I'm well over halfway into the fall semester, and Jack has gained inches on his strange hair and Bread Loaf is likely preparing for winter skiers.

I think the last time I was able to glimpse my little faux-nephew was before I left for said Bread Loaf excursion, so I am incredibly grateful Kelly and her sweet husband Richard could find a patch of time to bring their sweet son and ridiculously comic dog Logger down to our part of Minnesota for a visit. He's always bigger and stronger and moving faster, and I fear he loses a little bit of me, or maybe a little bit of that willingness for Auntie Molly to smoosh her face in his sweet-toddler noggin, each time.

He's cute and charming and loves to tug at animals' tails, an activity which Logger and Gatsby were willing to oblige. Penelope is also accommodating, allowing Christian to clamor on top of her, a hoist-up to reach the table. And Zephyr is getting better; where he would once constantly bark like a nut-job, he only emitted a few yelps, mostly in that high-pitched girlie-dog bark he reserves only for that speedy Logger, and only a few times surprising the newly-mobile toddler.

Also this past weekend: Anne Carson came to campus. I took a whole lot of pictures... for those who aren't familiar, she is a poet I've admired for some years now, and this particular campus visit included dancers (Nikki!) and collaborative readings. It was a stunning evening.

I'll try to be present here more. So much has been going on with school that I have felt pressure from all sides. I need to remember what is most important, and I think that is finding peace and time for myself--to take pleasure in life. Which I am doing. But I'm also going cross-eyed with the strain of all those balls in the air. So: be here now.

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