Monday, September 7, 2009

328: wine tasting parties

We had two very delightful get-togethers this weekend--the first, on Saturday, with old friends, and the second, on Sunday, with some girl friends from the MFA program and their partners. I always love this once-a-year tradition, the way the house clutter tapers for a few days, the way we plot out little bowls of appetizers and Ryan wakes up deciding to buy a new grill (which he puts together just before the first guests arrive), the thematic resonation (Spain was the loose theme on Saturday; we focused on vegan-fair and fruit-infused-wines the second evening, though I initially thought I'd do local but got distracted).

More images and considerations in this post.

Tomorrow is the first day of school. My day is broken into bits: the beginning of an internship in the creative writing office, the first session of teaching my comp class, office hours and a meeting with MDB on my independent study, first thesis seminar. Always: most nervous about the first day of teaching. And: I need a draft of my chapbook for tomorrow as those friends and I are going to exchange; I'm not ready, but I think it's one of those never-will-be sorts of situations.

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