Thursday, September 3, 2009

326: photo session

Session I(B):

Session II:

I had two photo sessions with my neighbor's daughter (Bailey, who is two and adorable) and her niece (Emma, who is four and, as my mother would put it, a pistol). Above are some of my favorite pictures from the sessions, for various reasons. They refused, as is probably clear, to have their picture taken "posed" or together, except in rare instances and with pretty sour expressions, but I'm not so very interested in posed pictures anyway--I much prefer to catch them a bit off guard. I'm not thrilled with any of the photos individually, but there's something about the above pictures that I like (including the obviously failed attempt at posing). Good thing the session is one of those neighborly gifts. :) And I need to learn how to edit photos. They aren't even cropped. There's something about it straight-from-the-camera, something magical in-the-moment.

And, I have to add: ever since I started taking pictures of them for their mamas, they squeal with delight whenever they see me, which makes my heart get squishy.

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