Friday, August 7, 2009

317: texas interlude

While in Texas, sampling avocado margaritas and local beer, deciphering beer cap trivia, I made a decision: someone like my sister really ought to have a good camera. (Her years-old Nikon had run its course.) Truly, she ought to have a better one than myself, but that wasn't possible, at least not without some kind of awkward gift-giving. So. We opted for a shift in language: I've received an upgrade, after only a little over six months with my Canon 40D. I've now got a Canon 50D, a little heftier and sleeker, but only a little. And now Chelsea is futzing with my fingerprint-smudged camera, making it do things it never did in my hands, dials changing, f-stops being measured, the tweak and curl of a better user.

And me? I need to upload some thingy on my computer to store the Texas photos on my drive, which will only take a moment, but, you know, that requires some amount of effort amongst the madness of coming home, so for now, above, there's a little shot of C with her new toy; it's not like I edit my photos anyway, so it makes sense that I upload straight from the camera.

I'll be back again soon with a second series of photos from the rest of our trip, which will include said bottle cap puzzles, animal rescue roosters, barn owls, and a forlorn lack of chicken shit bingo experience.

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KeLL said...

You are so sweet~! Can't wait to see the rest of your pics. And can't wait to see you again! Christian and I will have to mosey on down to RW soon.