Saturday, August 1, 2009

316: thus far, from texas.

Hello. That's me, in my sister's duplex.

Here's her kitchen. It's the front room of the place with lots of light and blue tile. We filled it with Spotted Cow, a Wisconsin brew, and our town wine and homebrew.

Here's one of her kitties. She has two, they're both incredibly fluffy and half the size of our kitties.

We saw Eric's band play at Headhunter's.

That's my little sister watching.

Also. I like grackles. Grackles like Austin:

Below: Ryan's lunch today. Migas, an Austin specialty with eggs and beans and tortillas and whatnot.

We went to a place called Magnolia's.

Then we went where Chelsea works, New Bohemia. I wanted a pair of cowboy boots, but I don't think I have quite the lower bits for that.

Chelsea + Eric. She doesn't like her picture taken.

We also went to a local park / springs.

And tonight we went to Curra's, where I had an avocado margarita. Yum. Also good: zucchini soup.

Chelsea also spotted a toad.

And we went to a local bookstore. I have a stack of field guides to bring home, along with some local poetry. And tonight, we are drinking local beer: both from Minnesota / Wisconsin and that from Texas.

It's been a good trip thus far.


shari said...

your trip sounds fun. i heart migas by the way. so so good.

sonrie said...

she has a very cool kitchen. Love the tile floors!