Monday, July 13, 2009

305: news bits

I have plenty to show and tell from the weekend, but for now, as I'm organizing my thoughts, I thought I'd share some writing / photography news:

- Two of my images have been published in BluePrint Review. You can see one here and the other here.
- Cerise Press has launched, and they were able to use one of my shots of Thomas Lux in an interview, as well as a review I wrote of Maxine Kumin's recent book of poems
- And the news I'm most excited about: it looks like I'm going to BreadLoaf! I'll know more later, but I just got the e-mail today, and I'm busy making awful squealing noises in my head.


shari said...

great news molly! let me know when you'll be there and maybe i can drive over.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the photos and the beautifully written review. And super congratulations on BreadLoaf! This is terrific news. When will you be going?


KeLL said...

Woo hoo! Great news Molly!

Julia said...

no! breadloaf! you know that i went to middlebury for undergrad, right? breadloaf is so amazing and beautiful. you will love it there. let me know if you'll be there, maybe i can give you some places to check out in the green mountains. congrats!