Thursday, July 9, 2009

304: Colville

We went to Colville today with the dogs, a little wander around the loop, where Ryan tortured Zephyr a bit--first with his training to "heel," but mostly on the equipment, pulling him up while he was swinging, beckoning him onto picnic tables, taunting him to jump up. Penelope is usually the one I walk, and as Ryan says, she's a bit oblivious to whether or not she is actually heeling, and I said she's a good match for me then. I tend to be a bit oblivious myself.

Summer here has been gorgeous--no need to turn the air conditioning on, the evenings cool but not too cool, the sounds of birds and crickets settling. At Colville, the city has installed a community garden, with little sections--the cook's garden, the hummingbird/butterfly garden, the fragrance garden, etc. They mayflies are out, and we watched a bald eagle swoop into the river, catch, glide.

Tonight, Ryan and I talked about being lucky. It's easy to feel that way with him.

And one week from today, we turn ten. Amazing.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos!


Eireann said...

I read 'Colville' as 'Coalville', which is near me, and instantly thought, why is Molly in England? ha.

michelle said...

i love that picture of ryan on the swing with zephyr - awesome! :)

sonrie said...

It's summer and I can't stop taking pictures of flowers! Yours are lovely.