Thursday, May 7, 2009

265: Zestar

Late Saturday night, I ordered an upgrade for my blogger account in order to post more pictures (I know it is no surprise that I have officially run out of room). For now, they have charged my account, but still no way to post photos directly onto blogger. For now, I will wait on my flurry of zoo photographs, my series of pictures where we took Penny and Zephyr and the team of Mike and Dallas to Hay Creek and use flickr to post a one-at-a-time hello. I'm still here.

It's probably best that I can't sit bug eyed, uploading photos to my blog, as it's the last week of classes, and I have plenty to keep me busy. Last night I was up until the wee hours grading student essays, tonight I'll be up late again finalizing a poetry portfolio.

Today: last day of discussion section, the classroom sweltering, like walking into a wall of heat. Windows flung open, arms reaching out into the second story air outside, a fan whirring above, little respite. Final evaluations, which always turn my stomach--I know what I could have done better, I know what I would have said about myself, and I can only hope they are patient with the many disruptions--the two writing conferences, the jury duty, the flu--and understand, don't hold it against me, things I cannot change. I took a nap when I got home, exhausted from the marathon grading, woke up to thunder. If only more wakings could be to spring storms. If only more days could be filled with blossoms: both campus and our neighborhood are alight with apple blossoms, cherry blossoms. Above is our zestar apple tree, which we planted in September of 2007, which yielded these itty bitty apples last year. I wonder which of these buds will lead to fruit, how big they might be, if they will ever cover the span of my palm. Asparagus will be due up in our garden in a few weeks, and already the peonies have pushed through the loam. I'm so glad for their return. At the grocery story today I bought zucchini to make bread for my husband; he once confessed that zucchini is his favorite vegetables (one of my many!--summer squash, brussels sprouts, green beans...), but only in this form. Now that the semester is nearly at a close, I'll have time for these things--what I look forward to the most is getting my hands dirty--in the dirt of our garden, in the chaos of our kitchen, in the spring cleaning of clutter. Sometimes it's slow, this coming together, but then there's a burst--a flurry of color and joy--and it makes the waiting all worth it.

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