Sunday, March 15, 2009

240: How Today Made Me Feel Better

Indeed, the trial has been emotionally draining. But a good thing: today, Ryan and I took the dogs for a long walk today, enjoying this small bit of blue skies, the sun shining down as we gazed over the Mississippi River and local grainery, knowing the melting is only so far away... I do intend to ruminate on the trial as much as I legally can just as soon as it is over, but we have been called back for this coming Monday. For now, all is quiet, my husband is charmingly distracting (he even danced in front of the newspaper dispensers downtown as we walked by), and I hope whatever is decided is right and just, though after this, I only wish I truly knew what those words meant. Instead, I only know love, right here and right now, no matter how snowy and gritty it might be, and I am grateful because I will always feel safe. Who knew this love would need to feel safe for me to sleep at night.


shari said...

ice cracks! thinning. good sign. haven't seen it at my little pond yet. hope you have a good day.

Chris said...

Nice bur oak leaf. They are my favorite trees!!! Craggy and slow to grow, slow to get leaves, slow to lose their leaves in the fall. They are easy to identify, even in winter because of their strong twisted appearance.

michelle said...

glad you're feeling better. this time of year is always a bit hard for me. you know spring is coming but its...just...not...there...yet.

got your RSVP! thanks :) i was so excited to see it!

oh - that reminds me. i have a question to ask but i'll send you an e-mail tonight :)